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WSIS Questionnaire

The National WSIS Committee is pleased to provide you this general questionnaire which supports and enhances the leading position of UAE Information Society.

To get a copy of the Questionnaire, please visit the section "Documents & Publications"

The Objective of the Questionnaire:

The questionnaire aims to gather the projects, initiatives or activities supervised or owned by the concerned entities related to the Information Society and use the modern technologies in order to access, provide or obtain information and services. Information Society means all members of UAE society from the governmental entities (federal, local), private sector and civil society.

Guidelines on how to fill in the questionnaire:

  • Please review a filled out questionnaire template in English (Softcopy).
  • Please provide a title and description for each activity (e.g. the project, initiative, program, thematic meeting, event, etc…) in 100 words or less. Entities may also wish to provide more detailed information on programs or policies as attachments.
  • Please provide a website or other sources (documents) containing additional information.
  • Please indicate to the geographical coverage of the project, activity, timescale, type of activity and the main partners.
  • Please fill out the questionnaire for each project or activity separately, you may fill out the electronic questionnaire and send it to the coordinator of the National Committee.
  • Your inputs will be posted on the WSIS National Committee Official website to monitor the implementation of the World Summit on the Information Socity recommendations,the National Committee welcoms any future changes to those inputs.

To send the questionnaire or for assistance, please contact:

Mr. Humaid Al Basti

Email :

Phone : 04-2300191