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TRA launches new e-portal for the automatic assessment of federal entities websites

As part of its role to implement the UAE e-transformation strategy at a federal level, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced the launch of a brand new e-portal to automatically assess the quality of the UAE federal entities websites.

This announcement fits into a series of actions and measures taken by the TRA to improve the e-presence of all UAE federal government entities and raise their level of e-readiness while supporting their transformation process into smart government providers. The criteria used by the authority in the assessment process include articles related to ease-of-use, content and other technical aspects of the websites, as well as their overall appearance.

The authority has developed a set of quality standards for websites using the international criteria of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) on one hand and the federal website guidelines issued by the UAE General Secretariat of the Executive Council on the other hand. The TRA used to apply this assessment yearly; it can now be repeated anytime and whenever needed through the new e-portal.

The new system enables the government entities to perform a self-assessment of their websites at any given time and get a detailed report about their level of compliance to the set standards. The new system helps federal entities to set and implement new development plans to improve their e-presence and achieve the highest quality levels.

“Achieving progress on the smart and e-government transformation journey requires more coordination and truly concerted efforts. This appears clearly in the new assessment process of government entities websites as it involves evaluation, consulting, training and ongoing exchange of ideas and views. I would like take this opportunity to acknowledge the great cooperation we’ve witnessed already within all government entities, which has had the greatest impact on what our Nation can achieve and how to the UAE emerges today as one of the global leaders in the field of e-presence,” said H.E. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director General.

“We highly value the qualitative leap we achieved in 2012 according to the e-presence index in the global e-government readiness report issued by the United Nations, where the UAE jumped from 99th rank to 7th globally. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the great efforts and dedicated work of all our government entities,” he added.